How we began: it was always about health and family.


In 2007, Cindy and Amir Alavi were riding bikes when Cindy began feeling off. Soon the couple would face a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and learn that healthy eating would be key to Cindy’s quality of life and longevity.


At the time Amir was working as an independent photographer and filmmaker and Cindy was halfway through nursing school. The two put their plans on hold to discover an even greater plan was waiting. They began working in the kitchen to develop recipes for their own use and would find the inspiration to open the first Health Nut Cafe.


Cody Pepper discovered Health Nut Cafe in 2015 when seeking nutritious catering options for work functions. He was an instant fan and began bringing the food home for his own family. Cody’s sons and wife Leila have food allergies and faced a gap in options their family could enjoy on the go. With a background in franchising and development, Cody joined with Amir and began working on a plan to expand the business with added efficiencies, more locations, and drive-throughs.


The two families, each with three active boys, will spread their wings and franchise under a new, values-based name: Bee Healthy Cafe.






Amir Alavi with Cindy and their boys

Amir is the Co-Founder and COO of Bee Healthy Cafe







Cody Pepper Leila and their boys

Cody is the CEO of Bee Healthy Cafe