Our story is simple. We wanted to make healthy choices in and outside our home. We wanted approachable pricing. We were short on time and always on the go. We couldn’t find a solution, so we made our own!

The Bee-ginning of our Cafe

Facing a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Cindy and her husband Amir began educating themselves on how to best manage the disease and support a healthy lifestyle. Consulting experts, they soon learned that focusing on three important lifestyle aspects would be essential for Cindy’s longevity and health: reduced stress, fitness, and healthy diet.

For the next year the Alavi family spent their days cultivating their backyard native pollinator garden, going on hikes and runs. At night, they gathered in the kitchen and developed recipes that would fuel their family’s goals. Those recipes became the Bee Healthy Cafe menu when they launched the first cafe in 2007 (at the time under the name Health Nut Cafe)



Over the next decade, the Bee Healthy Cafe co-founders worked side-by-side expanding and focusing on the mission of making it easy to be healthy. Today, Bee Healthy Cafe is in flex locations, inline spaces, and end caps with drive-thrus.
From the beginning, our focus has been making it easy to be(e) healthy. In pursuit of this, we make every guest – every visit – three promises:

  1. We will be Fresh,
  2. We will be Easy,
  3. We will be Good.

So what’s with the bee?

Well, the inspiration behind the bee is you! You are a busy bee and we see you’ve got a lot on your plate. Bee Healthy promises to make it easy to be healthy! We offer nutritious and convenient options to fuel you throughout the day so you can live the life you want.

We also have a special affinity for the honey bee as she provides the sweetness found in a selection of our smoothies and coffee. We want to protect our pollinator friends as they make it possible for our favorite fruits and veggies to thrive.

Learn more about our mission to keep the bees happy.



The head in our bee is gray in color, this represents the leaders in each cafe that are working to ensure that every guest gets the best experience. You will notice that each cafe manager wears a gray shirt.


The green wings are in the shape of an infinity symbol which represents our mission of helping our guests live long and healthy lives. It also reminds us that we are building something that we hope lives on forever. The green color stands for the green shirt employees (our teammates) who like the bee’s wing, give lift to the whole operation. Without the green shirt teammates, the mission would not be possible.


This yellow body stands for the heart of our organization, the teammates who wear yellow shirts have been with us, in most cases, for over a year and are shift leads. They embody our values, fight for our mission, and focus on you, the guests.