This is Amir Alavi – Bee Healthy Cafe

On this episode I chatted with Amir. Amir is from Iran and has aa fascinating story and journey to Oklahoma. He was a refugee who emigrated to the US at age 11 from Iran. Converted to Christianity. Met his wife. Was working as a photographer at a local paper when she fell ill with MS. They learned how diet could contribute to her wellness and started their first restaurant in order to feed her and anyone else who wanted to be a health nut with them. They later realized they wanted to grow they are she’s doing well managing her MS well. After 14 years and eight locations, with a ninth on the way, the Health Nut Cafe has changed its name to Bee Healthy Cafe. Founders Cindy and Amir Alavi and company Chief Executive Officer Cody Pepper announced the change last week along with plans to switch from sole ownership to a franchise-ownership model.

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